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Mythology Explained was created in 2021 to reconstruct the world of various mythologies around the world in a much more relatable sense. ME (for short) is becoming one of the largest and comprehensive sources for Facts and Stories of Mythology, which covers ranges of myths from (but not limited to) Greek, Norse, Celtic, Mesopotamia, African, Egyptian, American Mythology, to legends from various parts of the world including the likes of Baba Yaga, the Wendigo, and the Krampus.

Alongside being a source for world mythologies, Mythology Explained has taken an extra mile to cover Theological topics which include Bible Stories, Angels and Demons such as the Ophanim and Azazel, Apocryphal books such as the Book of Solomon and the Book of Enoch have been covered in detail.

Although this website is equipped with over 500 topics in various mythologies, we aim to continue to publish more topics, retell lost stories, and update topics previously covered regularly: making this website the Ultimate Resources for Mythology, Legends, and Folklores all around the world.

As Mythology Explained keeps growing, various notable websites, organizations and people have referenced our works, and we hope to keep helping our audiences to uncover various Mythologies. Below are websites and organizations that have benefited from our website sources:

Thank you for spending the time to read About Us. We invite you to explore the world of Mythology Explained by having a browse using the below navigation links. Enjoy!

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